Hyati Calming

Calming capsules can be really effective for the treatment of anxiety disorder and reduce fatigue and depression. Hyati Calming capsules provide essential nutrients to support your mind and body to fight tiredness and long-term stress.

Hyati Digestion

An imbalanced diet and irregular and unhealthy eating habits trigger many digestive disturbances, which impact your overall health. Hyati digestion supplement is packed with natural nutrients to maintain digestive health, soothe your gut and cure digestive issues.

Why is it best for me?

Healthy Gut Bacteria

Hyati Digestion has Apple Pectin, which increases your beneficial gut bacteria and Turkey Tail for keeping the balance of your gut bacteria, improving your overall gut health.

Faster Digestion

It significantly improves your digestive system, cures bloating, and breaks down protein for faster digestion.

Relieve Digestive Disturbances

It helps with treating diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, and inflammation and is very effective in treating digestive disturbances.

Treats Indigestion

Nutrients in Hyati Digestion are proven to be highly effective in treating issues like indigestion.

Why is it best for me?

Sense Of Calm And Relaxation

It is designed to bring relaxation to help you perform better under pressure. These natural ingredients bring calmness to your mind and promote a positive mood.

Adrenal Support

The natural nutrients in the Hyati Calming supplements support your adrenal glands and nervous system to help your body adapt to pressure.

Reduction Of Fatigue

Apengin, derived from Parsley, is known for its muscle relaxant properties which help your body relax, reducing anxiety or depression symptoms.

Rebalance The Nervous System

Apengin in the Hyati Calming enhances brain connections, and Magnesium helps in rebalancing your nervous system.

Nutritional Information

Hyati Calming is a concoction of the following nutrients, which promote the normal functioning of your nervous and psychological system and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Apple Pectin

Apple Pectin is extracted from apples and is a great remedy for digestive issues. Its water-absorbent property helps you cure diarrhoea, constipation and other digestive issues. Moreover, Apple Pectin is prebiotic which promotes the health of your gut bacteria and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria keeping your digestive tract healthy.


Magnesium deficiency is another major cause of anxiety disorder. It can help you regulate serotonin and enhance brain function. It also plays a role in calming your mind, body and nervous system.


Apengin naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables, and according to clinical studies, it is very effective for depression and anxiety disorders. It also acts as a muscle relaxant and significantly enhances your brain connections.


Reishi has been used in Asian medicines for centuries for its immune-boosting qualities, and it reduces fatigue and cures depression.

Chamomile Flower

Chamomile Flower is known as a digestive relaxant and helps you treat digestive disturbances. It relieves bloating, eases stomach cramps and cures indigestion. Moreover, it produces digestive enzymes to aid in breaking down food for faster digestion.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is packed with powerful antioxidants to keep the balance of gut bacteria and improves your immunity. It has the ability to restore beneficial gut bacteria, and it is a great prebiotic. It strengthens gut bacteria and promotes overall digestive health.